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KnockOut: Microsoft Outlook Companion
Copyright (C) 2002 Jensen Harris

KnockOut is a free Microsoft Outlook companion product that allows you to easily monitor the state of Outlook on your computer. From a notification area icon, KnockOut can show you if Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word are running on your computer (even if no windows are showing on your taskbar). If one of these applications is in a hung state, you can terminate them right from the KnockOut menu. This will help clear up rare mystery situations, in which you think Outlook is not running because you see no windows on your taskbar, but when you launch Outlook again nothing happens because it is actually running in the background.

KnockOut also can help you control the Outlook notification area icons, allowing you to remove them from your taskbar. KnockOut can pop up optional balloons (Windows 2000 or later required) which can also be configured to show you what version of Outlook you are running on your computer.

In addition, KnockOut lets you create Outlook items (mail messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, etc.) from anywhere you are in Windows, whether Outlook is running or not. Simply click the KnockOut icon in the taskbar, select the type of item you would like to create, and it comes up immediately. The KnockOut menu is customizable, so that you can easily get to your favorite items as quickly as possible.

Microsoft Outlook power users and developers can't afford to be without Knockout.

System Requirements

System: Microsoft Windows 95 or later. Some features require later operating systems; all features available only on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or later.

Outlook: Microsoft Outlook 97 or later. (Includes Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.)


The KnockOut notification area icon, with optional balloons and version tracking turned on.

The KnockOut menu:

The KnockOut settings dialog:


Only the most recent version of KnockOut is generally available. If you need an earlier version, please contact me.

Download Product Version Size Date Documentation
KnockOut: Companion to Microsoft Outlook 1.3 36 KB 16 December 2002 KnockOut Help

KnockOut is made available free, but it is Copyright (C) 2002 Jensen Harris. All Rights Reserved.

Troubleshooting / Bug Reporting / Feedback

KnockOut is made available in the hope that you find it useful. It is free, and thus it is by-and-large unsupported.

If you find a bug or are having problems with KnockOut, you are welcome to contact the author by e-mail. Please include the word 'KnockOut' in the subject of the e-mail, and include information about the operating system and version of Microsoft Outlook you are using. I will try to answer e-mails when I have time, but no timely response can be guaranteed.

If you have feedback or a suggestions about KnockOut, I would love to hear that as well.

Contact the author via e-mail at jensen@sunflowerhead.com.

Last updated: Monday, 16 December 2002 11:34 PM